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If you are not yet a contributor to V.C.A.P. locally, it's never too late!  If you want to contribute, or even increase your committment to help your Union fight for candidates and issues of vital importance to you, contact Derek Cronin for a check off card!  Click here to email him now!

What is V.C.A.P?

Policies from wages, healthcare, international trade and retirements affect each and everyone of us.  The UAW is committed to having a voice in those major discussions, as they impact the membership nationwide.  C.A.P. stands for Community Action Program.  The "V" stands for voluntary.  Your union dues can NOT be used by the UAW for political purposes.  That's why, in order to have a voice at the table of national debates, members can voluntarily sign a "check-off" card to designate a monthly contribution to the V.C.A.P. fund, which the UAW then uses to support labor-friendly political candidates and policies.  It can be as little as $1, $5, or $25 per month.

Why should I give? 

Some candidates get several thousand dollar donations from big businesses and industries to convince them to take care of their interests.  In 2010, big business spent $1.4 billion on lobbying, while labor spend $96.6 million.  It's a huge hurdle, but one we must strive to overcome, and a fight worth fighting!  Your contributions go a long way to help fight for causes important to you, your job, your family, and your community. 

So-called "right to work" laws:

Right to work laws have been made law in several states, including Indiana and Michigan.  A fight against the law is now underway in Ohio.  These laws don't grant you any "right to work," rather they ensure that unions are compelled to provide a service (collective bargaining, representation, protection) without compensation from any member who choses not to pay union dues.  It is crippling to unions and their power to grow and protect workers.  Without union representation, companies can usurp bargaining power and institute whatever wage/benefit/safey policies they see fit, WITHOUT regards to the wishes of the workers and their union! Check out the videos below:

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