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Brothers and Sisters:

Please click the header above to access an electronic copy of the proposed local tentative agreement.  Just a few things to keep in mind while accessing and reading:

1. This is NOT the final language.  The intent and character of the language will remain the same.  However, small clerical and grammatical changes may take place before final copies are printed for distribution. 

2. Your bargaining committee will all go over that final language THOROUGHLY to ensure that no substantive changes were made and that all original demand settlements are adhered to before any one of them signs off on it. 

3. The reasons for not printing copies for every member are; a) the cost to have those copies made, by a Union printer, would have been a burden on the local; b) the time it would have taken would have made it impracticable; c) there are better ways to be transparent, like posting it here and having several copies available at the Hall; d) some language may change in the final version, as mentioned in points made above. 

4. This is the result of demands the membership turned in, and then approved.  That is what was taken to negotiations on behalf of the membership. 

5. Highlights on the copy are major changes that were made from the last local living agreement.

6. Polls to vote will be open on April 19, 10pm-1am & April 20, 6am-6pm.

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