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Local 440 Leadership

Your local leadership is here to help the membership!

The leadership of the Executive Board acts as administrators of the local union.  They run membership meetings, handle the finances, and guide and assist local committees. 

The Bargaining Unit, or shop committee side negotiates contracts and administers the national and local contracts.  They also handle member issues on the floor and handle grievances.

Executive Board
Bargaining Unit

President: Derek Cronin
Vice-President: Nicole Rogers
Recording Secretary: Ashley Senko
Financial Secretary: Aundie Dant
Trustees: Carol Howard, Teri Gates, Rick Morales
Guide: Dan Santangelo
Member-At-Large: Brian Bush
Sergeant-At-Arms: Mike DiFabio
Retiree Chairman: Steve Nolan

Election Committee: Brian Miller, Zach Hier and Trent Tuck

Shop Chairman: Chad Millspaugh
Committeepersons: Jeremy Randolph (Day shift), Zane Connerly (Second shift), Chris McAtee (Third shift), Edward Kreller (Skilled Trades)
Alternates: Josh Atchison (Day shift), Mike Reynolds (Second shift), Mike Hughes (Third shift), Jordan Heinzman (Skilled Trades)

Special Skilled Trades Representatives: Bryan Tanksley (Second Shift), Richard Smith (Third Shift)

Document 46, Training and Benefits Officials

UAW Benefits: Shannon Barnett, Erik Orock, 812-279-7255
UAW EAP Work and Family: Brian Wade
Health and Safety: Jeremy Gilbert, David Green
Ergonomics: Justin Marshall
Apprenticeship Chairman: Rick Cota
Training: Georgia Woods, Mark Fordyce, Deana Hood-Wagoner, Josh Ingram

UAW GMS: Matt Orr

UAW Training Coordinator, Human Resource Development Representative, J.A.R., and ADAPT Representative: Kevin Beasley

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