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Latest News from the UAW Local 440 Leadership

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* If you ever wonder why we give to VCAP, to support candidates who will support and stand up for workers, read this letter from a great friend of labor, Sen Sherrod Brown, D-OH.  See it here

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Medical visits ANYTIME, virtually!
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Chairman/President Update

2023 GM Production Calendar
Please see the file below.  This is a pdf file of the 2015 National Agreement in it's entirety.

Please see the document below.  This is the latest newsletter from the UAW for it's members.  It includes reports from many officers, including the chairman and president.

Know your rights! 

Employees have rights, known as Weingarten Rights, that apply during investigative interviews.  If you feel that any conversation with management could result in discipline in any way, you have the right to ask for Union representation.  Management does not have to inform you of this right!  You can find further explanations here.  Know your rights and let the Union help protect you!  For more details, you can go here.   

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Please see the file below, containing a pdf file of the 2015 Local agreement.

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